Assar, [۲۵.۰۶.۱۸ ۱۰:۲۲]
Hello my friend! Welcome to the touristic traditional Persian “Noghli House of Kashan”. We are not a hotel, restaurant or café, nor are we looking to become one – we are a home. A traditionally built house, filled with personality, located in an old area of central Kashan with a seven-thousand-year-old history. A lively, and relaxing environment which can transport you to a different place, providing you with new and unique experiences. 
We want to leave you with memories of immense beauty and serenity.
Our rooms have simple architecture and are designed with the intention of providing comfort and rest; the garden – in fact, the main aspect of this experience – will be the place where under the clear sky, beside the pond (and sometimes a warm, blazing fire), you will be surrounded by tea, slices of cool watermelon, apple, pomegranates and other things that you may want…
The traditional local meals are freshly prepared daily with care and consideration and are plated for you on clay pots and plates. These are presented so that you may eat them with enjoyment (and forget about the false enjoyments of eating unhealthy fast food). Note that the food must be pre-ordered.
We do not use disposable cutlery. 
We do not use teabags
We do not have Shisha pipes, and nor do we allow smoking indoors. 
We do not have TVs and instead we have, and at your request, will provide you with books. 
We do not have chauffeurs on hand and do not allow the free use of the kitchens. 
A friendly reminder that you shouldn’t walk into rooms with your shoes on and that covering with the veil outside of your rooms is one of the rules of public institutions.
In this home you can use wireless internet and you have access to an ATM machine.
We are developing and setting up various features and activities for you within the complex; we already have in place a lovely garden which you can stroll in, some traditional arts and crafts workshops and bicycle riding. 
We are open to any feedback and suggestions and love to hear from you! Visit our website <%22http://>. 
This complex is composed of four houses; The ‘Noghli’ house, ‘Razavian’ house, ‘Doost’ house and the ‘Rouhani’ house located in Barzok.

The ‘Noghli’ home: This house is the central building of this complex and was the first house to be set up! This antique home is over 150 years old and its history dates back to the time of the Qajar dynasty. It is the smallest historical house in Iran and is 10,255th on the list of Iran’s heritage sites; despite this small size, it contains all of the features of a traditional Iranian house, including 7 rooms, an inside garden and an outward garden, a library, two cellars, a pond e.t.c. This home was refurbished in 1379 (Iranian calendar). 

The ‘Razavian’ home: In 1388 (Iranian calendar), in order to expand touristic opportunities  and preserve another heritage site, in close proximity to the Noghli house, the Razavian house was added to the complex. The refurbishment of this house finished in 1389, and from then on, it has been under use. The building of this house demonstrates the architectural genius of the Iranian architects, who chose to put the garden under ground! This house is number 31,213 on the list of Iran’s heritage sites. This home contains 8 rooms and one main library. 

The ‘Doost’ home: Within walking distance of the Razavian and Noghli house, you can find the 3rd part of the touristic complex, which was named the ‘Doost’ (Friend) home in memory of the modern poet, Sohrab Sepehri. The ‘Doost’ home was refurbished in the year 1393. The ‘Doost’ home has 11 rooms, and architectural genius in the form of a pond and a garden which is very unique to this establishment. It is important to note that the first viewing room of this region was the ‘Doost’ house and it was opened with an official license and approval from the Official office of culture and Islamic guidance of Esfahan, which has its own unique show. If you would like to hera more about this event, you can join us on telegram and follow us on Instagram.

The ‘Rouhani’ hous

e: One of the attractions of Kashan is the fact that you have 3 different climates and altitudes within one central area of the city. A mere 50 km away from the centre of the city and the region of Barzak, you can utilize picturesque mountainous regions. We decided to prepare another, even smaller room in this area of the city! This house is supported by two tour enthusiasts. In the ‘Rouhani’ house, a serene and calm living is the ultimate goal.